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Dillon Gonzalez
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By Suit and Tie

With Sprint confirmed for v3, we thought we’d shed some light on how to properly utilize this new addition to the Halo series. The inclusion of this Armor Ability gives players another skill-set to master and truly allows a player’s creativity to shine.

The most obvious advantage of Sprint lies in its defensive capabilities—with Sprint at a player’s disposal, he/she now has the ability to instantly turn the tables on a bad situation. The ability also allows for some interesting offensive maneuvers, and who better to show you exactly what we mean than the Pros themselves?

Russo Sanctuary CTF Gameplay


Russo starts off with an impressive Overkill, but is unable to correctly predict where his opponents will respawn. As such, he is met with fire from his blind side and uses Sprint to escape to the uninhabited courtyard. After sniping two players in the rocks and seeing his team set up there, he is aware that the Blue Team will likely respawn snipe-side. Knowing this, he Sprints to the flag spawn to avoid being outnumbered. After regaining his shields, Russo then Sprints up to the Blue snipe spawn to kill another surprised opponent.


Realizing that he is the closest player to the flag, Russo Sprints to blue rocks and touches the flag to keep it alive.


Russo grabs the rockets promptly at 12:10 and then proceeds into Blue courtyard. He then hears from his teammates that players are spawning in the base and rocks and uses Sprint to quickly gain a new angle.


Seeing that the Blue Team now has three players down, Russo Sprints into the opponent’s base to provide support from behind. He is then able to steal his enemy’s sniper and Sprint back to his own carbine to further help the flag carrier. Upon Scarvayne’s death, Russo Sprints again, this time to his own base, to keep the flag alive.


Russo Sprints to Ghostayame’s aid in Ring 2 and then Sprints all the way from Blue jump-up to the opponent’s flag upon seeing that three enemies are dead. With the flag in hand, Russo uses some nifty Sprint-juggling to move the flag back quickly and end the game, 3-0.

Demon D Countdown Assault Sprint Clip 1

After weakening his opponent with a great predictive grenade, Demon D uses Sprint to chase this player down and clean him up before his shield is able to recharge. Immediately after, Demon D is able to use what is left of his Sprint to grab the sniper and peek into the Red Team’s base. After being fired upon from above, his Sprint recovers just in time to allow for a crafty escape back to his bubble and a new angle on the incoming bomb carrier.

Now that Demon D has disposed of two players at his team’s garage door, he Sprints out onto the balcony to prepare for players respawning back ramp and to help his teammate—who has the same idea. Demon D’s knowledge of the spawn system and quick thinking with Sprint then allows him to get behind the Red Team and grab a few more kills from Red Street.

Chig Sanctuary Assault Sprint Clip

In this clip, we see Chig quickly Sprint back to his sniper spawn to grab the new sniper. After seeing that his team has control of the map, Chig Sprints up to the enemy’s carbine to pick off players on the respawn.

Demon D Countdown Assault Sprint Clip 2

Demon D starts by Sprinting to the enemy’s back ramp to kill an opponent who has no teammates in sight, then quickly Sprints back to his original location to respond to a callout and to finish off a weakened player.

After lifting up to top health pack, Demon D hears another crucial callout and uses his Sprint to chase down the threat. He is able to surprise his opponent and provide support for his teammate, Maniac, while he attempts to arm the bomb.

It should be mentioned that while Sprint is a great asset, with great power comes great responsibility. It is possible to overuse Sprint and leave yourself (and in turn, your team) hanging out to dry. Use the examples shown above to improve your decision-making with Sprint, but be wary of overextending yourself.

Whether it be escaping when down shots, keeping an objective alive with a quick touch, or executing otherwise impossible jump maneuvers, the Sprint Armor Ability provides yet another variable in the skill gap equation. MLG Pros Russo, Demon D, and Chig gave you a taste of how it’s done; all that’s left is for you to put their examples to good use.

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